Advantages of Electrical and Electronics Engineering over Electronic and Communication engineering in present era


Electrical and electronics and Electronics and communications engineering disciplines have their own importance in the present era. Both forms core engineering disciplines which are unavoidable for the development of civilization.

What is Electrical and electronics engineering?

Electrical engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It also covers various machines tools and equipments involved in the production, transmission, distribution, and measurement of electricity and also various protection devices. Various other machines and equipments that we use daily also come under electrical engineering. Electronics engineering mainly deals with design and development of electronic circuits, equipments and machines. So electrical and electronics engineering is a combination of both electrical and electronics disciplines.

What is Electronics and communications engineering?

Electronics and communications engineering deals mainly with the design and development of electronic circuits, equipments, and machines and design and development of communication equipments, which are required in our day to day life.

  • Application is interdependent
  • Both the disciplines are interdependent in our real life.

Electricity has become a part and parcel of our life. The world has come to a stage where, almost everything that we use needs to be operated without electricity. From a small house to a large factory requires electricity to perform its day to day activities. Every other gadget needs electricity be it a water pump, iron box, microwave oven, a machine in a factory, TV, Space craft, life supporting systems in a hospital, a lamp, etc.

In the case of electronics and communication engineering, electronic equipments and communication equipments has made our planet a global village. This signifies the importance of electronics and communication engineering in our life. The cellular phone we use, TV, computer, etc are contributions of electronics and communication engineering.

Both these disciplines are mutually dependent for the existence of each other i.e. without electricity there is no electronics and without electronics there is no electricity.

Advantages of pursuing Electrical and electronics engineering course

But as an area of studies and career, electrical and electronics engineering has a distinctive advantage over electronics and communication engineering. A student with a graduation in electrical and electronics engineering can pursue a career in electrical field, electronics, and IT. So a graduate will have a wide range of career options to choose from. While a graduate in electronics and communication engineering can pursue career in electronics and IT which will be limited when compared to Electrical and electronics engineering.



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