Annamalai University M.B.A: Retail Management: Quantitative technique for retails papers


Annamalai University offers many postgraduate degrees, one of them being MBA. Students can have many options as to what to do the MBA in. one of the streams is Retail Management. This is a two year postgraduate course. There is a paper on QUANTITAIVE TECHNIQUE FOR RETAIL in the first year of the course. QUANTITAIVE TECHNIQUE FOR RETAIL is vey important with regards to the study of retail management. The pattern of the paper is discussed below.

The question paper is so set that it covers the entire syllabus. The paper of QUANTITAIVE TECHNIQUE FOR RETAIL is divided into four sections. Section A consists of short answer type questions. There are eight questions in this section with a choice to answer any five. Each question carries three marks.

Section B consists of long answer type questions. Each question carries equal marks. There are five questions in this section, out of which three are to be answered. The marks allotted to each question are ten.

Section C consists of essay type questions. This section contains three questions. Students have to answer any one. This question carries 15 marks.

The last section or Section D consists of a single question which is compulsory. There is no choice. This question also carries 15 marks.




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    payel ghosh:

    i have completed diploma in retail management from annamalai university.May i eligible for mba in retail management from this university?

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    yash joshi:

    is dindayal petroleum university best or good for and along with their fees structure?

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    techniques of retailing management