Aspects of dairy technology course in the health sector


Dairy Technology is a fast emerging field in the health sector. All of us start our mornings with tea or coffee. In the night, when we go to sleep, we have a glass of milk. So, we can see how important milk and dairy products are in our lives.  There are numerous dairy products and the person who deals with them is called as a dairy technologist. Milk and its products are used throughout the day. A huge workforce is employed to meet these requirements.

A career in this sector would ensure excellent salary, as this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. Different types of professionals at different levels are required by this industry. Dairy refers to the business involving milk, butter, curd, yoghurt and cheese. It refers to the place where butter and cheese are made. In this industry the dairy products are procured, processed, produced, stored and distributed.

Dairy technology deals with the production, processing and storage of dairy products. Cattle of good breed are reared, with good quality of food being provided to them and later their milk is collected.

Eligibility for Dairy technology course

Candidates who have passed 10+2 with physics, chemistry and biology can opt for various courses in dairy technology. The final selection is done through an all India written examination or an entrance test. One can also pursue a Master’s in dairy technology after doing their bachelor’s course.

The National Dairy Research Institute prospectus is available in March and an all India level entrance test for admission into the institutes affiliated to ICAR (Indian council of agricultural research) is conducted in May.

Aptitude for Dairy technology course

A good sense of hygiene should be there, along with scientific bent of mind and the ability to work hard in a candidate if they plan to take up this course.

Courses available in Dairy technology industry

The main courses which are available are the B.V.Sc and the A.H course. This is available at all agricultural universities across India. Apart from this, various courses in dairy technology are offered by the institutes.

Scope of Dairy technology course

There are many small and large diary plants owned and operated by individuals and federations who specialize in making several milk and milk products. Trained professionals in dairy technology course can benefit from the huge opportunities available in this sector. So, we can conclude that these are the various aspects of diary technology course in the healthcare sector. The healthcare unit has benefited enormously because of the fast paced developments in the diary sector of the country.



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