B.A in political science as a ray of hope for destroying corruption in Indian Politics


India is the largest democratic country in the world. India has the largest number of political parties taking part in an election campaign. Due to diverse culture, and religion in India, many new political parties have come into existence in the recent past. India has a history of being guided by intellect, mature and fair political leaders in the past. The present day generation is fully aware of every new change in Indian politics with the help of modern technologies available. There is large group of people who are interested in political science and this has led to many courses available in this field. One of those courses is B.A in Political Science.

B.A. in Political Science

In B.A in political science a candidate learns about politics, law, public administration and other discipline related to politics. In this course the student gains knowledge about how political systems work. This course develops the overall skill of the candidate to adapt quickly and to continue learning in the rapidly changing world. This course teaches the students to read intelligently, write clearly, and think analytically. This course makes the candidate capable of accurately assessing the past trends, to predict rationally about the future developments, and to understand the world well. The candidates completing B.A in Political Science understand how the government operates, and also how individuals, social movements, political parties and groups relate to each other.

Corruption in Indian politics

The corruption in India is rising at a great pace in the last few years. The corruption in Indian politics can be clearly understood from the various the scams and scandals involving people from various political parties. Some of the major scams seen by Indian politics in the recent past are Urea scam, cash for vote’s scandal, 3G scam, etc. The presence of all leading political personalities in these scams gives a clear picture of corruption in Indian politics.

Impact of B.A. in Political Science on corruption in Indian Politics

The major reason for corruption in Indian politics is lack of education among some of the members of various political parties. The candidates completing B.A. in political science have a good knowledge about the political systems and thus can help in reducing corruption. The candidates completing B.A in Political Science have knowledge in law and this can help them in taking many legal decisions which will promote the welfare of common mass.  The course of political science is dedicated towards enlightening the minds of the youth with the clean, fair matured politics, so that they can play their part and bring a change in the present situation. From all these we can say that B.A in political science as a ray of hope for destroying corruption in Indian Politics.



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    what is Lok Nirnay

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    Sir,I want to need B.A.Course of study & syllabous of Allahabad Univesity.Please send me or name required any site.

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    I would like to know about the scope after B.A(hons) in Pol.Sc. as my daughter is pursing the same from Lady Shri Ram college and is in her Ist year