Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-First Semester Control Systems (AAOC C321) Papers


Control system is an important paper for students belonging to the Electrical branch, and it mainly deals with the control systems. It applies some very basic ideas of the electrical engineering subject and makes their use for solving complex circuits involving power and other parameters.

Importance of paper:

Control system is a pre-requisite for the successful solving of power related problems in electrical engineering applications are also used in electronics engineering, heat and work problems involving power related problems are the direct applications of control systems. It requires a good knowledge of network theorems and problem solving skills.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper is a very short and compact type of paper. It consists of only five questions from the entire syllabus; therefore the students have to be well aware of all the topics and should have a thorough understanding of the subject so as to tackle any type of problem put forward. The five questions in the sheet are all long answer type questions and require patience solving. The 120 marks paper is strategically divided into 5 questions so as to cover some important chapters.

Frequently asked questions:

Ac-dc servo system, amplifier gain, demodulation gain, synchro pair resistivity, back emf, moment of inertia of motor, transfer function and rise time, root contours of system, error controller, ramp and step function and their relationship and their applications, Nyquist plots for systems, Mason’s Gain formula,  polar plots of certain systems , gain margins and phase margins of certain systems, open loop transfer function, closed loop transfer function, negative feedback system , positive feedback system and its use sa different types of oscillator circuits,   Routh stability criterion and its applications.

Time and marks:

The maximum marks for the paper is 120 and the maximum time given to the students is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Control systems engineering by I. J. Nagrath.
  • Modern control system by Richard C. Dorf
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