B.Tech in Civil Engineering vs B.Arch - Which course is better?


B.Tech in Civil Engineering and B.Arch are technical courses. But these two courses are different from each other. Both these courses provide better job opportunities for the students. The B.Tech in Civil Engineering has duration of four years. B.Arch course is a three years degree course. The B.Tech in Civil Engineering and B.Arch courses are offered by many universities and colleges in India.

B.Tech in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a traditional branch of engineering which deals with the study of planning, analyzing, supervision and construction of buildings. In addition to the subject knowledge, Civil Engineers must have certain skills for administration and supervision. Constructional activities of different buildings, dams, bridges, shipping canals, tunnels, power plants etc are the main jobs of civil engineers. They develop plans and designs of different infrastructures and supervise all the implementation activities of the construction work.

The initial stage of the job of Civil Engineers is planning and designing infrastructures for the construction. It includes site analysis, feasibility studies and solves the problems in the designing structure.

Civil Engineers have job opportunities in both public and private sectors. In public sector, they have opportunities for the construction of dams, industrial plant buildings, river navigation, airport runways, water sewages, skyscrapers etc. In private sector they have opportunities for planning and designing projects for the construction companies. They have opportunities in infrastructural companies for the supervising the constructional works. They have openings in housing societies, teaching field, consultancy firms etc.


B.Arch is the study that deals with the designing of a building and its physical structures. It includes the designing from the macro to the micro level. The designing of the building with its environment and includes plumbing, heating, landscape arrangements, cooling, ventilation systems etc. An architect should have awareness about the environment, physiology, climatology etc. and should have awareness about the structure of the building.

An architect should have more imaginative power than the subject knowledge. Architecture is always related with life of people. Architects can also earn more for their designing works. Architects also do the interior designing and furnishing of the building. Architects should have the ability to coordinate the available materials and technology.

They have large number of job opportunities. They can work as interior designers, senior project Managers, architects, Junior Architectural Designer, Design Computation, CAD Manager etc.

Key Differentiators between B.Tech in Civil Engineering vs B.Arch

Civil Engineers are involved in designing the infrastructure of the building and implementing it. But the architects design the physical structure and layouts of the plan. Architects needs more imaginative power, aptitude skills and drawing skills along with the subject knowledge and the civil engineers need administrative skills and supervising skills. Architects do more creative works.A B.Tech in Civil Engineering has more job opportunities in the government sector than the B.Arch course.

Which Course is better?

Both the courses are good in their own respects. The selection of the course depends upon the interests of the students. The students who have good skill in drawing and designing can select B.Arch course. A person having good imaginative power can become a good architecture. Those who are interested in interior designing and creative works can go for B.Arch. A person who is looking for a career in construction and development can go for B.Tech in Civil Engineering. Both these courses have its own quality and importance.



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    Hello sir/mam,
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    javid inzamam:

    Hello sir/mam ,
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