B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering Project Names and Ideas


B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering is a professional course of 4 years duration which focuses on the study of various general and technical aspects concerning the field of Petroleum Engineering. Following are the final year projects and ideas for aspirants in the field of Petroleum Engineering.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

Well Control and Blowout Prevention - The objective of this project is the development of technology for the purpose of safe handling of high subsurface pressures of different gas formations during the time of drilling operations.

Improved/Enhanced Recovery - This project aims at developing the methodology of locating very large volumes of by-passed oil using various reservoir simulation studies which is followed by reservoir field studies.

Formation Evaluation - This project deals with the development of various interpretation techniques for well logging data. Also there will be topics such as pore pressure inference from MWD data several models for sandy-shales and also evaluation of fractured formations.

Environmental Control - This project focuses on the oilfield process improvements and also modifications leading to pollution prevention and several productivity enhancement techniques.

Other topics for doing projects

  • Multi Dim Simulation of Slug-Flow Phenomena in Off- and On-Shore Pipe Systems
  • Theta Enterprises Software
  • Software for Reservoir Engineering
  • Knowledge Capture Base
  • Geological and Stratigraphical Characterization of Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  • Stochastic Pet Economics
  • PEPE Marketing
  • PEPE Controller
  • Integrated studies at the oilfield
  • Implementation of a visitor guiding system
  • Creation of a reservoir model
  • Acquisition and implementation of a PE Wiki
  • Realization of a virtual PVT-Lab for deployment in Internet
  • Acquisition and implementation of Theta Software for use in teaching
  • Acquisition and maintenance of relevant Reservoir Engineering-Software
  • Realization of a virtual PVT
  • Setup of a Project Management and Controlling Infrastructure
  • Well Completion Fluid Dynamics
  • Development of marketing plan and implementation of a marketing strategy with a focus of online marketing

Choose the Industry for doing Projects in B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering

There are a lot of Private sector and Government sector firms offering assistance for students for accomplishing their final year projects in various disciplines. There are a lot of firms offering opportunities for doing B.Tech in Petroleum engineering final year projects as well. It is the responsibility of the students to select the best among those firms depending on the type of project they are about to do and also based on their individual interest. The best thing is to select a reputed firm in which they can do the project.



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    which is the main important projects for industeries

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    pls am a student of university of covenant university, studying petroleum engineering,am in my finals right now..pls i need a project topic to work on..would be glad if updated on any one especially on natural gas..tnx

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    Lindiwe Kunene:

    I am doing a project for b tech in instrumentation, my topic is to upgrade the shelter safety system from relay to plc. Can I please get someone who can assist me to continue with my project.Thank

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    i am student of petroleum engineering in mekelle university .would u give me project topic esp. in resrvoir field

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    pls am a student of university of uyo.studying petroleum engineering,am in my finals right now..pls i need a project topic to work on..would be glad if updated on any one..tnx

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    tasued i need a projet topic and material to use

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    I’m johnson in final year petroleum engineering at covenant university could you send me a final year project i can work on and some materials that could be of help.
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    madhuri jaiswal:

    sir i am final year chemical engineering student i have a project topic that is improvement in gasoline quality for this i have to make some testings just like octane no. ,sulfur content, gum content, distillation c/s, Reid vapour pressue etc. but after testing which type of additives should i use ,which will be much efficient it is creating some problems to me can you help me in my project? thank you!

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    how to approach a particular company for final year project

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    petro chemical projects topics