Career after B.Tech in Food Technology


The graduate level program in food technology has a period of 4 years. This degree is given to those people who have successfully completed their studies in this field. The minimum qualification needed by a person to join this program is a pass in standard XII. An admission test is carried out in the state and national levels for the admittance of students into this program. More about the career opportunities available for aspirants of the field is given below.

Where can one learn this course?

Courses in food technology are offered at the institutions mentioned below:

  • College of Technology and Agricultural Engineering, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Indian Institute of Agricultural Science
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Jadavpur University (B.Tech after B.Sc), Calcutta
  • Techno India, Kolkata
  • University of Bombay, Fort, Mumbai
  • University Of Delhi
  • University of Madras, Madras

Benefits of the course

Individuals who study this program will receive adequate training in addition to knowledge regarding the analysis of raw materials, the standards as well as methodology of packaging, techniques of processing and others. Candidates are also given conceptual and practical training on the extraction of useful byproducts from domestic and industrial wastes. One can say with alacrity that the future of our food industries rests within the hand and skills of food technologists.

What are the career opportunities available?

Ample career opportunities are at hand for individuals who have finished their graduate level studies in food technology. The majority of these students can find employment with home catering services that are managed by food entrepreneurs. Besides this, jobs can be obtained by them at research and development laboratories. Here, professionals of food technology carry out experiments as to find out new methods to improve the yield, flavor, appearance as well as nutritional value of food products. Public sector firms under the aegis of the Department of Food also take in aspirants of this field. The Indian Food Corporation takes care of the purchase, transportation as well as distribution of food grains and allied items. A few major players of this field include Cadbury, Britannia and Nestle etc.

Those who have an interest towards research can pursue the same with any university or institutions that offer the course. Career opportunities for graduate of food technology can be got with foreign firms as well. These firms take in research scientists in this field as to formulate new products as well as enhance the currently available portfolio of products. Jobs as sensory scientists are available as well.



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    Jayesh Patil:


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    I want to do btech food tech. from pau,ldh.Will i am eligible for job in other state

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    what qualification is required for the post of food inspector?

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    basit ali:

    sir who is better btech in electrical engineering or btech in food science

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    i hav passed my 12 this year with 89.6 per cent marks.
    moreover i have secured 683 rank in icar and 1400 state
    rank in aieee.plz guide me about various agriculture related
    courses like b tech food technology,agricultural engineering
    and dairy technology which i can pursue acording to my
    marks and eligibility in punjab particularly.

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    Argha Das:

    I am a student of 3 rd year chemistry honours in calcutta university.I want to admit in 3 yr B.TECH course in food technology in J.U. after B.SC. in Chemistry. please tell me what is the admission procedure?if application form is available?
    please reply me first.
    Thank you.

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    Amol warghade:

    What is future status for food technologist?there is advance in food tech

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    vikas nain:

    name of companies where i can found job after in food tech.?

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    Pratik mate:

    What is salary after doing food in privet industries ?

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    Which are the best’s college of btech food technology in delhi?
    I have passed my
    from tu,nepal.

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    sir please tell me the list of course name after food tech

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    Amir katwal:

    Hi, do i know the average salary of food technologiest?how is its scope or demand in foreign land?

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    Ramanpreet Kaur:

    hello, i completed my btech in food technology in may 2011, nw what to do head for a good salary. A job or masters in food technology. Am confused so please help and how i can apply for jobs ?

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    aftr cmplet my b.tec in food & process engg.can i go for civil service exam..nd which core subject i will chose for this exam.

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    pradip gunjal:

    please tel me website 1st year B.Tech food simpls notes and scops and job opertunity

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    hello, am doing food technology, am in 3rd year,, and want to know about job opportunities in govt sector in india. nd about the pay scale in private sector too.

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    shivangi kapoor:

    hi i want to do in food tech .but before i want to know that any govt job in this field .how to know that about the compnies…….

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    i have finished my food technology this year now what should i do further job or PG for good salary
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    I have completed my B. Tech in food Technology but now i m facing some problem regarding post graduation in food technology…

    plz suggest me any perticular college for P.G. from which i can get a satisfactory job as well as a healthy salary.
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    Abhimanyu Mishra:

    I want to pursue my career in B.Tech food Science and Technology. Please tell my how much package i will get after completing this. I am desired to do this from Choudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishavvidhalya Palampur Himchal Pradesh.

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    what is the nature of work of in Food Technology

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    heiee i want to do food sci and technology but before that i want to knw about job prospectus in this field and the starting packag i can get on this basis??

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    Younis nabi:

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    reva dabra:

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    sir, i have just completed my now i want to do job (IN quality control department) how to apply to companies ?
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    what is the differance betwen b-tech food process and b-tech food technology

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    Sir, I am doing B Tech Food Technology(8 semester), I am interested in QC. What should i do? Job in food industry or any pg course related to Quality. How much salary i will get on b tech basis? Which industry will be better for my future career?

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    Prakash Shirsat:

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    Inam Alam:

    i m doing BTECH in food technology & i m currently in da 4th sem.sir,i wana know aftr completing my course (inshallah) wat ll i do,will i go 4 academics to complete my Masters or do i opt 4 corporate sector wid btech degree & watz da scenario of food industry in INDIA n Abroad………………..

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    Sir,iam doing my btech in food technology(entering fourth year).is there good chances for me in reputed food companies in india after the completion of my course.As a fresher how much i could expect from the company?:


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    iam doing btech food technology . could you tell me what are mtech courses available for me and what are the instutions coming under gate and cat ,mat exams…..

  34. 33


    I am working in Cadbury India. I am looking out for B.Tech - food process freshers. Can you help?

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    How much salary we get after completing this course:

    [email protected]

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    Subash chhetri:

    Hello sir,
    I m a student from nepal.would u plz tell me about the best college in usa for n the scope of in usa.

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    kian hatkar:

    how package food tech job in foreign ?

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    S.Bruce Leo:

    Respected Sir,
    iam an B.Tech food technology person ,i hav joined as production control trainee,will this department will give more growth in future for my career?
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    what is income for fresher B.Tech in food tech

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    ashish k gadher:

    food inspecter in after

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    I have completed my B. Tech in food Technology but now i m facing some problem regarding post graduation in food technology…

    plz suggest me any perticular college for P.G. from which i can get a satisfactory job as well as a healthy salary.
    thankin u….

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    I want to ask that in what industry i gate chance&what is the sallary in that compony.
    ……thank you!

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    shubhendu sajwan:

    how much i can get after Bsc food tech & where i can apply for jobs

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    Amol warghade:

    Is there chance to do job other country after

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    Amol warghade:

    Sir i am doing in food science and technology now in 5th sem.sir whats are jobs after complete thier minimum salary?

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    Vikas malla:

    Presently i am pursuing in food technology in 2nd year from DU (Bhascaracharya College ofApplied Sciences)

    I just want to know what are courses available after so that i can get better outcome or salary nd post after doing that
    This question keep striking on my mind !!

    plzz guide me so that i can pre-prepared myself for that !!

    thanx with regards
    Vikas Malla

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    what are the prospects of a career after in food technology and the average salary they get ?

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    dear,sir iam a pharmacy graduate ,passed in 1999 and now iam join in m tech in food science and tech ,which specialistion is better for me 1, protien tech.2,dairy tech ,.3 fermtaion

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    aditi jain:

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    Riya Nath:

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    dear sir
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    satya krishna:

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    is it possible to learn nanotechnology after textile technology?

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    Which course is better BTech Food Technology or BSc Food Science and Quality Control? I got the admission of both these course.

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    Bhanu jha:

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    Dhiraj wankhede:

    i am parsuting my 8th sem in food science and technology.i am interested in Q.C.what should do for PG study?

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    Pooja Atul nagargoje:

    hi m last year student dng in food technolgy.i really afraid to do job where male are working.i only fit whre most of girl are working so kindly suggest me where i vil hve scope where only female are working and i wuld lke to no scope of masters in food tech for women

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    jobs after food tech?

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    1.which type of job can we get after food tech?
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