Career after M.Arch


A career of an architect changes with the changes in the job market and ecological issues. Nowadays the career prospectus of an architect is on the rise. M.Arch graduate can acquire a career in both private and public sector.

Career in Private sector after M.Arch

There are numerous job opportunities for post graduates in M.Arch in private sector. They can get jobs in construction companies and they can work as an architectural consultant in those companies. There are many companies in our country which offer good profile for an M.Arch degree holder. Some of those companies are

  • DLF
  • L&T
  • Sahara Group
  • Eros Group

Many of the private institutions also recruit M.Arch graduates for the teaching jobs. If a candidate is interested in this profession, then he / she can find a job in this sector. M.Arch degree holder can work as:

  • Art Director
  • Technical Illustrator
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Building Contractor
  • Interior Designer
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Building Researcher
  • Landscape Architect
  • Set Designer
  • Building Inspector

Government Career after M.Arch

For M. Arch holders there are a number of opportunities in the government sector. Many changes have been happening in the architectural field. A candidate has equal number of opportunities in government sector and in the private sector. Some of the opportunities are in the following sectors:

  • Municipalities
  • Central and State Public Work Departments
  • Housing Development Corporations
  • Public Works Department (PWD)
  • Urban Development Corporations
  • State Housing Boards
  • Post and Telegraph
  • Town and Country Planning Organization
  • Department Of Railways
  • National Institutes of Urban Affairs and Housing
  • National Building Organization
  • City Development Authorities

Candidates also opt for teaching profession after the post graduation in architecture. The salary scale for lecturer is very high. More candidates are attracted towards the government sector because of the job security and reputation. But candidates can only acquire these jobs after successfully clearing the written examinations conducted by each government firms. Most of the government exams are conducted by the public service commission.

Career Abroad after M.Arch

There are many opportunities for the M.Arch holders abroad. The demand for architects in Middle East and European countries is high. Candidates working in MNC‘s will also be getting chances to work in other countries. Many institutions abroad also offers research programs for the M.Arch holders.

Long term Career roadmap for M.Arch

For creating a successful career in the field of architecture one should be hard working and dedicated. The candidate should be able to learn and adapt to the new changes in industry. Holders of this M .arch degree can go for higher studies like for PhD programmes. They can also attend the NET exam and can join colleges as lecturers.



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