Career As A Social Worker


There are many jobs for the students who have done their Masters in social work. They get employed in various government organizations, hospitals social work agencies. The students who have specialized in criminology can find  jobs in prisons and government departments.

Study and Training

Master in Social work is 2 year program for graduates.  Anthropologists, sociologists and Psychologists are also suitable for the professional training social workers do. Graduates in sociology/social work/psychology  get preference. Sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, history in social and public institutions and the administration are the subjects that the course covers.

Community social work/medical & psychiatric social work/criminology and correctional administration are the specialisations offered. You can complete your project work during the course period. You can get an opening in the labour welfare section of the personnel department by joining labour and social welfare course.

Written test and interviews are taken for the admissions. This is for checking the mental ability and awareness for checking interest in social work

Work Environment

The social workers job involves several things like meeting clients, conducting interviews, conferencing with professionals, preparing reports, counseling, conducting group works. Much of the work needs travelling to clients homes.

Personal Characteristics

Social workers must genuinely like people and accept people as they are, and to help them improve their social conditions. It is a long and slow process to build up relationship with clients of different class, culture and religion. Dedicated and conscientious people have excellent relations with their clients.

Work oppurtunities in clinics, hospitals, sanatorium, child guidance clinics, counseling centres, mental hospitals. Social workers work with community groups, government and voluntary agencies.

Future prospects

The future for the social workers are good as Rural development, adult literacy, preventive health, food and nutrition, women and child welfare are the new agendas of government.

Social workers involve in family planning and aids awareness programs of the government. Social welfare and other development programmes are being sponsored by World Organisations such as United Nations.

More then 2000 NGOS’s were granted in the field of social welfare. A number of social service wings and NGO’s have been opened up by top conglomerates. This is expanding employment in environment management to health and education.

To examine aspects of diseases such as AIDS or cancer. Professionals are being employed in private hospitals. CARE is recruiting from several places like Delhi School of social work, Jamila Milia and TaTa Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.



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    i’m very interested to do to msw course. so i must need previous year entrence exam question papers in mysore univercity.
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    when entrance exam form of msw published?

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    plz send me last year entrance question Paper for social work at tiss and i ll be greate full to u …….thnx

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    Y is social work a profession

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    my qs is- how shall i prepare myself for entrance exam conducted by the different university???i want to know about the syllabus of msw entrance exam..plz plz ans me….
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    can a social worker work as a medical practitioner?
    can a psycholgist can practise as a medical practitioner?

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    just completed M.S.W & want 2 know about various specilizations and jobs…

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    any syllabus of social work for entrance exam conducted by nagarjuna university ?

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    i am student of M.S.W.2nd year.i am doing my specilzation in H.R. .after copleting my course can i get a job in H.R.sector.
    as if i want to work in other areas like HEALTH,RURAL DEVELOPMENT, can i get a job on the basis of M.S.W.

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    Plz send me last year entrance question papers for social work at tiss and i ll b greate full to u..thnx

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    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Could please let me when the entrance form for all Master of Social Work course for the year 2010 are issued and from where can i get this forms.
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