Career As Historians And Archeologists


Not many people are fascinated with this profile but there are some selected people who really want to make a career out this. As far as the career opportunities are concerned, there are ample available but what matters is if you are able to grab them with both hands. This career can be very rewarding if you posses the same temperament as required by this career profession. So just dwell a little more into what you are and what this profession requires before you seriously decide for this.

Students are trained and employed after post graduation in Archaeology, the students of classical languages like Persian, Sanskrit or Pali scripts.

National Archives
For the recruitment in the National Archives UPSEC conducts tests for Post Graduates in History specialized in Archival work. Historical data relevant to Indian culture and past is housed at national Archives at Delhi. The records are documented, catalogued and preserved for the reference.

The science dealing with management of museums is called Museology. A lot of change has been undergone over the years. Museology embraces other aspects before being connected to archaeology, art and painting.

Museologists are trained by National Museum in the areas of Art, History, Conservation etc. Knowledge of foreign languages is useful as they offer MA and Ph. D programmes in Museography  and museology.

Conservators and Restorers
For job practical and theoretical training are required. Art Schools teach practical skills. Training in arts and chemistry are good combination. For conservators and restorers courses in history of arts and museology are useful.

Courses and Institutions
National Museum, New Delhi

The NMIHACM offers M.A. & Ph.D in history of art, conservation and restiration works as it in an integral part of National Museum and was established by Department of Culture.
To produce scholars in the areas of African, Chinese and South Asian Art, institutes specialize in global arts.

For persons showing interest in art, institute offers three certificate courses. Increase of awareness is done as courses are based on lectures, slide shows and viewing the originals.
Encouraging students to appreciate Indian art of different times is one of the two courses pertaining to ‘India- art and culture’. To appreciate arts of different parts of world is the second course with emphasis on Indian art, Eastern art etc.

An interview is taken for the admission in these courses. Course in Hindi medium is Bhartiya Kala Nidhi.

School of Archival Studies, Janpath, New Delhi -110001.
For both amateurs and professionals number of courses are offered. In the fields of archives, record management, preservation etc. the courses offered are sponsored and private.



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