Central Police Force (Assistant Commandant) Exam General Ability & Intelligence Papers


Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam for Central Police Force (Assistant Commandant) in the General Ability & Intelligence section. The exam is conducted in order to recruit candidates for the post of Assistant Commandant, in the Central Police Force.

Division or Section in the paper:

There are no division or section in the paper, on the contrary, there are questions arranged in a linear fashion.

Pattern of the paper:

The paper has a simple patter. There are a total of one hundred and twenty five Objective based question, in which each has a maximum of four options, but candidates have to choose any one.

Markings evaluated by the Examination Board:

The total mark offered by the paper is two hundred and fifty. Each Objective based question carries a maximum of two marks. There is a negative marking of one-third for each of the question answered incorrectly. There can be more than one answer to a question, but candidates are advised only to choose the best options, and mark only one. Questions which are not attempted will be awarded zero marks.

Time allotted for the examination:

The total time duration of the paper offered to the candidates is three hours.

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    Krishna Pratap Reddy:

    I have red and green colorblindness. I have taken the Ishihara Test and i am not able to identify many plates except a few. Will I be able to appear for the CPF (Assistant Commandants) exam? I strongly desire to get into the high cadre of any central police force. Suggest me on this.

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    i m 17 years old ,and i want to join nsg commando,my dream is to fight against the terrorism .i am passed matric exams and join the nsg.can i join it,if yes .then how can i join the nation sceruity gard.