Chemical engineering as a significant tool for rendering relaxation in the summer season


The sensational and hot summers are the greatest seasonal foe for the population. No doubt the chilling winters can be reduced considerably by warm clothes, rainy season by umbrellas or raincoats, but when it comes to the summer season, the mass solely depends on Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Packaged Water Chillers, Industrial Fans & Blowers and Graded Castings.

The most significant compound behind the Air Conditioners & Refrigerators is the Chloro Floro Carbons which is an important aspect in the chemical engineering. Another main principle used in the compressor of AC and Refrigerators are heat transfer and mass transfer, which is another important topics covered in chemical engineering. The advancing technology has made these comfort generating machines highly reliable, relief giving and fit for use in summer seasons. These quality products with value added design ensure long lasting and excellent performance.

General Outlook of Chemical engineering courses

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the design and maintenance of chemical plants and development of chemical processes essential for the conversion of raw materials or chemicals to valuable ones. This field of engineering combines the principles of chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, mathematics along with engineering techniques for the development of chemicals and it’s by products. The specialized fields one can grasp in chemical engineering courses are fluid mechanics, mass transfer, chemical engineering thermodynamics, energy technology, polymer chemistry, macromolecular hydrodynamics, process engineering and so on. After the completion of chemical engineering courses from reputed institutes such as IITs, BITS, NITs, Institute of Chemical Technology etc, the candidates will have wide career opportunities to pursue a job in any of the chemical plants / petrochemical plants / petroleum refining plants / pharmaceutical firms.

Impact of Chemical engineering in rendering relaxation in the summer season

As cited above, it is clear that the chemical engineering techniques have helped to a great extent to fight against the hot and itching summers. It is a proud for the chemical engineers to quote that the society is now exposed to the indispensable significances of the chemical engineering, as a tool for demolishing the effects of summer season on our day to day life. We can hence conclude by saying that chemical engineers develop economic ways of using materials and energy in rendering relaxation in the summer season. Apart from all the virtues, the main disadvantage one can point out in Air Conditioners & Refrigerators is the presence of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine that causes ozone layer depletion and various other health hazards. Research works are going in the chemical engineering field to replace CFC with some other efficient compound.



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