Cinematographer - How to become a Cinematographer?


Cinematography is an art of creating an illusion of a moving picture. It is the setting of lightings and cameras to record photographic images for the cinema. Those who have studied the various courses in cinematography can become Cinematographers. These professionals capture pictures with a camera and present the picture using a projector. Their job profile includes finalizing the shot site for a film and scrutinizing whether the lighting, film, camera distance, focus, and camera angles are accurate.

Qualifying Exam

To become a cinematographer, aspirants should be postgraduates in cinematography. Otherwise, he is required to be a member of the professional institute of cinematography. Various Universities and institutes offer different courses in cinematography. Those who have completed any of the certificate courses in cinematography can get into the entry-level jobs in the respective fields. Only creative minds can shine in this sector. In addition to their technical knowledge, these professionals should have intellectual abilities also. Cinematographers have wide scope within the country and overseas. They can seek out for careers in film industry, media and communication and so on. Now a days, the tendency is seen like a convergent process, that the cinematographers are turning out to be directors.

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion to do the post graduation program in cinematography is a pass in the bachelors’ degree in the concerned fields. However, aspirants should have done the qualifying exam from a certified University or institute. Admission process for the post graduation course is carried on with regards to the qualifying exam marks and the score in the entrance test conducted for the purpose.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Aspirants need to have thorough knowledge in the qualifying exam syllabus so as to clear the test. They can procure additional study materials for the exam from leading bookshops. Referring previous question papers will be really beneficial for the seekers. By self-evaluation, they may be able to know their weaker areas. It helps them to concentrate much on those portions.



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