Civil Services Exam Sociology (Paper II) Papers


Civil services are said to be the most respected and responsible services in our country.  Thus, the candidates selected for these respectable positions should also be tested with that standard. That is why the standard of Civil service examination is quite high.

The Examination pattern:

The civil service examination is divided in to 2 parts.

The first part is called prelims examination- it has two papers, General studies of 150 marks and a subject chosen by the candidate of 300 marks.

The second part is the Main examination- this part has 6 papers. Firstly one Indian language of 300 marks, English of 300 marks, essays of 200 marks, general studies of 300 marks and two optional subjects chosen by the candidates of 300 marks each.

Pattern of the paper:

The civil service sociology (paper II) papers pattern is almost similar to the paper I pattern. The question paper is of 300 marks and has 8 questions. Every question is of 60 marks. The time allotted for the examination is 3 hours. The 8 questions are divided in to two sections: Section A and Section B. the candidates are supposed to answer only question number 1 and 5 and 3 more questions from the 8 given questions. The candidates should choose 1 question at least from each section.

Medium of question and answers:

The question paper of the Civil Services Exam Sociology (Paper II) has questions printed in both the languages, viz English and Hindi. The candidates are supposed to answer only in the medium which they have selected beforehand and which is given in their admit card.

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