Clinical Psychology course as a soothing tool in today’s era


Clinical Psychology is a branch of Psychology, which deals with the study of abnormal mental processes, mental conditions, and mental behavior. The candidates who have completed the various courses in Clinical Psychology are known as Clinical Psychologists. These professionals examine the mental problem that an individual is suffering from and they provide relief and preventive measures through various psychological treatments. They also cure the psychological dysfunction or distress through counseling.

Course Details

The candidates can pursue Clinical Psychology courses at under graduate, post graduate, and at doctoral levels. Listed below are some of the courses in Clinical Psychology.

  • B.A in Psychology
  • M.Sc in Psychology
  • M.A in Psychology
  • M. Phil in Psychology
  • Ph. D in Psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology care & Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  • M.Sc Human Resource Development Psychology
  • B.Sc in Psychology
  • M.A in applied psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Community psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Career Prospects

The candidates who have completed the course of clinical psychology have many career opportunities in both private and public sectors.

A few employment areas in private sector are listed below.

  • Colleges / Universities
  • Personnel Administration
  • Media
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Prisons
  • Clergy
  • Advertising Industry
  • Welfare Organizations
  • Child / Youth Guidance Centers
  • Research Establishments
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Hospitals

Some of the career opportunities in the public sector are listed below.

  • Central Board of Film Censors
  • Ministry of Education and Department of Tourism
  • Film Division of Government of India
  • All India Handicrafts Board
  • Defense Services
  • Historical Division of the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Impact of clinical psychology course in the present era

The psychology course helps the candidates to understand the mental illness, human minds, ill effects, remedial methods, etc. The students are also exposed with different steps to help and provide soothing essences to the needy. In addition to this, they are also acknowledged with the new innovative strategies in this sector. The course make the students impart knowledge about various approaches by which the mentally affected people can be rehabilitated from such circumstances. The criminology sectors and such aspects which require the secrets and the ideas to be exposed by the criminals are profited by it. The rehabilitation centers all over the world offer candidates with psychology course in a large number every year. The course solves the dangerous and strange cases in a diplomatic way. The course has rendered itself as a capable tool to pull out the individuals from the mental dilemmatic scenario. Thus, it can be concluded that the course has rendered itself as an efficient and soothing tool in the present era.



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    procedure to do it,last date of filling the form mphill and phd in clinical psychology 2011

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