Cochin University B.Tech in Civil Engineering-8th Sem-Construction Management II Papers


Cochin University is a pioneer university in the southern region and is known to distribute standard education facility to the students. It offers a number of courses related to technical field to the aspirants.

Paper Description:

B.Tech in Civil Engineering-8th Sem-Construction Management II Paper deals with the knowledge and information about the entire details of equipments required during construction. The paper also provides the information about the problems encountered during the process and different principles attempted for file designing methods etc.

Paper Pattern:

The Construction Management II Papers consists of a total of ten questions out of which one has to answer only five questions. The questions are of different marks. Few of the questions may contain one or two sub parts. There are alternate options given below every question and candidates can make their own choice to answer the questions. The candidates are also asked to follow all the instructions mention on the question sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are certain numbers of questions which are frequently asked like the use, types and characteristics of important equipments required in construction management, various problems encountered during construction and the concept of net and gross working capital etc. There are also few of the questions which are listed under the important ones like different considerations of file organization method, file design and selection of file media etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

Each student gets a maximum of three hours to attempt all the questions from the Construction Management II Papers. The total numbers allotted for this paper is 100.

Books Recommended:

  • Civil engineering and construction management consultancy services in india - status and strategy by K.N.vaid, published by Nicmar and Dsir
  • Handbook of Construction Management, 2/e, by P K Joy
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