Company Secretary- An Aspiring Career!


In the present scenario, the organizations are undergoing tremendous changes all over. The structure of the organizations keeps on changing. The business activities of every organization are becoming more complex. Such a situation necessitates the need of more planned activities. The role of each employee in an organization is predetermined. The individuals are given duties according to their roles. The success of every organization depends mainly on the perfect accomplishment of the various asks given to each employees.

An important position that determines many of the managerial responsibilities and which proves to have a key role in a business organization is that of the Company Secretary. In most of the times, a company secretary plays a crucial role in every organization. The company secretary plays an active role in determining all the confirmations of the company board and checks whether all the decisions regarding the organizations are strictly complied to. This is extremely a well paid profession where in a company secretary sees to it that the company is in the right side with regard to all the law procedures on a whole. This is a really tough role but on the other hand is highly rewarding which needs the individuals to have the ability to do multi tasking.

This is a profession where in most of the candidates resort to this area because of the growing number of companies by and large. A company secretary should maintain high level of transparency while dealing with higher responsibility in a particular job. Every organization requires following the management practices along with the policy of corporate governance which is the most important aspect in today’s organizations which they need to follow. The significant role of the Company Secretary comes in to focus at this point of time. The role of company secretary has evolved in terms of the responsibilities and the job where in they are expected to give in their opinion or advices, in areas of corporate, legal or administrative governances of the organization.

The course of company secretary is administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in the country. This is mainly to regulate and develop this profession on a whole. According to the Companies act, the companies with more than 50 lakh are required to appoint a Company Secretary. They are required to regulate the various business activities on a whole. The candidates in order to become a company secretary need to undergo the professional program relating to this course. The candidates after completion of this particular program, needs to attend the practical training program which makes them eligible to enroll as a Company secretary. The individuals who are involved in this area are given Professional training in this level to make them eligible for this job in all ways.

Will this course provide in high exposure?

Certainly, this course is one which provides in maximum exposure to students which is one of the features which makes this course versatile among other courses. The practical training and detailed study are given in this course which is very crucial in this area. The nature of job involved in this area may not be as same as that of a normal company secretarial course, but this profession demands more of a proactive role and involve heavier duties than one can imagine. The company secretary is bound to comply with legal rules, responsibilities and high level of performance also in this area of job.

A company secretary needs to ensure that the company policies are adhered on account of the legal regulations which are maintained. The role will be off more specific duties which are involved like maintaining the accounting records as per the standard practices in accounting and all the documents required by the company is properly maintained and submitted on a regular basis. The company secretary is the key link between the management, board of directors. The management looks upon the company secretary for advices regarding the formulation of various corporate policies which in a way helps in increasing or maintaining the integrity of the organization on a whole. Since many of the policies of the corporate organizations are based on high standards it absolutely requires that the company secretary should be well versed with the policies and should have sound knowledge in relation to the managerial practices which are followed all around.

Hence, for such a decision the candidate needs to have a professional degree along with a professional training in this area of job. The experience is the most important criterion in this job as it is the company secretary towards whom the organizations rely in case of adverse situations. So, they should be equipped enough to tackle these issues in a god manner. Hence the behavioral quality also needs to be emphasized.

Career Prospects in this area!

This is perhaps one of the career avenues which have immense job opportunities in terms of the job. The individuals after completing this course will have immense job opportunities in government companies, private organizations, financial organizations, consulting firms etc. A company secretary is qualified personnel enough to share in the various responsibilities which may involve the crucial decisions which will very much affect the company functioning and the reputation on a whole. For this to be done smoothly the company secretaries should be updated about the changing legislations or rules and need o be updated about it. The role of a company secretary is more of a communicator and messenger with the higher level authorities of the organization. The information collected to be communicated to all the members of the organizations within the time limit. The legal aspect of this course is also the most prominent one.

Certainly the job of a Company secretary is not an easy task. The importance of this course in terms of the career development and pay packages it is highly rewarding. The candidates need to makes sure that an individual is perfectly fit for a company secretary position. A combination of practical knowledge and a whole of confidence is important in this profession to succeed.



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