Delhi University - B.A (H) Political Science - Second Year Papers


The University of Delhi offers the course of Political Science at B.A level in honors degree. There will be four papers in the second year of the course, spread across two papers in two semester, across the second year. Each of the paper in each of the semester has a maximum of one hundred marks and is divided into two parts, namely Theory and Internal Assessment. The theory has a maximum of ninety marks and the Internal Assessment part has a maximum of ten marks. The duration of the theory paper is three hours.

The theory paper is divided into two sections, in which the first section has four units, each offering two main questions, out of candidates have to attempt any one. There will be one singular compulsory long answer question of eighteen marks. This question will be divided into nine sub-questions, each having a maximum of two marks and is short answer types. Each of the eight questions, distributed in four units is of eighteen marks each. Candidates are advised to follow a large section of Mock based question in order to retain a high marks in each of the papers.

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    delhi university political science BA(H) 2nd year subject indian govt. of politics questions paper

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    i am Deepak and iam from B.A(H)pol sci2nd year student please give me my syullbus….