Delhi University - B.Sc. (H) Anthropology - Third Year Papers


There are a total of five papers in the last year of bachelors of anthropology. Each paper is for 45 marks. And the prescribed time duration for the same is three hours. There are no sections in the paper and limited internal choices. There are a total of about 10 questions form which the student ahs to answer only five. There is a short notes questions given at the end of the paper. All questions in the paper carry equal marks. The sub questions of main questions are to be answered together itself. Read the question paper carefully before attempting it. Answer all the questions in a separate answer sheet provided to you.

There are a few points to remember which will be written on the question paper and told by the supervisor. Make sure to follow those rules. Time management is important while writing the paper. Write elaborate answers with good introduction, examples, and conclusion. Do not make the mistake of answering only a select set of questions. Plan your study in a way that it covers all the important topics in each chapter. There are a few questions which are repeated each year because of their importance.

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