Difference between a Graphic Designer and Illustrator


Graphic Designers are professionals who plan, evaluate, and generate visual clarifications to communications problems. They create the most efficient methods to get messages across in print and electronic media using color, style, design, camera work, animatronics, and various print and presentation techniques. On the other hand, Illustrators are experts who have visualization that is more artistic. They combine design, drawings, pictures and creative skills to visually decorate or represent a text on a particular page.

Graphic Designer courses and career opportunities

In order to become a Graphic designer, aspirants require a graduate degree in graphic design. They can study the graphic design or fine arts courses from any Government or private design schools or Universities. Graphic designers have to study studio art, Web site design, commercial graphics and printing practices as part of their course. After completing their program, these professionals mostly work with print media, electronic media, and communication media. They also carry out designing, advertising and related works as part of their job. Some of them work on a freelance basis, and create computer graphics for systems design companies.

Illustrator courses and career opportunities

A Bachelors’ degree in Illustration or any other Arts subjects is the eligibility required to become an Illustrator. These professionals also require a high level of illustration expertise, wide-ranging portfolio of quality work and self-promotional skills to carry out their work in the best possible way. Those who have thorough knowledge, commitment and experience in illustration works can also become Illustrators without any formal qualifications. On completion of their course, they can seek out for career in publishing companies, with multimedia and web publishers, corporate communications companies, and print media and so on. These experts carry out designing works for a wide range of products like magazines, instruction manuals, leaflets, sales brochures and so on.

Key differentiators between a Graphic Designer and Illustrator

  • Graphic designers transmit a message by communicating visual information whereas Illustrators modify the message by designing it so as to catch the attention of the public.
  • Graphic designers focus working on a complete image and format, while an illustrator concentrates only on bringing a small fraction of the full-size picture to life.

Both Graphic Designers and Illustrators work co-operatively to give a better output to a client.



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