Difference between a Journalist and News Reader


Journalist identifies, gathers, and indirectly conveys information about the relevant events of the world among masses. They collect information related to national and international happenings. Topics collected for reporting may include politics, culture, sport, science and other prominent areas.

The person who presents the news before public through live communication media are known as newsreaders. These news presenters work either in television channels or in news broadcasting radio stations. Both these professionals strive to make reach relevant information on current affairs among public. However, these exists slight differences between both these professions.

Journalist Courses and Job Opportunities

Those who have strong desire to become journalist must obtain bachelor degree in the same as the basic qualification. This qualification is enough to obtain other profile jobs such as writer, editor, researcher, correspondent, and so on. The postgraduate degree in journalism, additional course works, internship programs etc increases the chance of aspirants to obtain a much challenging job in news sector. Apart from educational qualification, news reporting professionals must possess adequate communication and interpersonal skills. These professionals can find job opportunities with television channels, periodicals, dailies, press information bureau and so on.

News Reader Courses and Job Opportunities

Graduation can be considered as the basic qualification to get an opening as newsreader. However, educational qualification similar to that of the journalist job profile increases the skills and chance to obtain these kinds of jobs. The major area of employment of these professionals is in television channels and in radio broadcasting stations. Effective presentation and writing skills are required to become a successful newsreader.

Key Differences between a Journalist and News Reader

The nature of job associated with two professions is much different.

  • Journalist concentrates on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating news through any of the mass communication media.¬†Newsreaders act as an interface between mass media and public. Relevant information on day today affairs is presented to the public via newsreaders.
  • Skill set required for both the professions are entirely different. New readers should possess good presentation skills along with proper body language. Journalist must be confident and tactful enough to arrange interviews and to make necessary news judgments.
  • The main employment areas of news readers are TV channels and radio stations whereas journalists can work in any medium of mass communication.

Anyway, both these professions can help in opening up better career path to dedicated and skilled candidates. The job opportunities and compensation packages are fairly good for both these professions.



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    vamsi krishna chowdary:

    what degree is eligibility from news reader in any tv channel?and witch type of skills will be required tv channels?

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    I have completed graduation n i want to become a news reader please suggest me how can i apply for this course and where.and what is the duration of this course.

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    ashwini kedare:

    Hi.I m 12th sci student and is interestd in the feild of mass communication,especially jounalism.am i eligible for it?however my parents want me to do Engg.in telecom.I m totally confused.!!please suggest.what should i do??which are the good colleges offering courses in mass communicatuion in mumbai nd also in maharashtra..
    thank you.!Do reply!

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    chanda Arora:

    hello sir,
    Iam pursuing in b.a final yr from sol . and i would like to do post graduation in mass communication (pgdmc) and i want to become a news reader so please suggest me how can i apply for this course and where and is this course jobs oriented or only a dream plz reply soon