Difference between a Therapist and Counselor


Those who are involved with the rehabilitation of the physical and mental illness of a person are referred to as Therapist. There exists different type of therapists. Counsellor is one among the same.

The Counsellor guide and advice individuals regarding diverse aspects of education, career etc. They also help individuals to improve their mental health by resolving their personal problems. Counsellors range from student Counsellors to drug and alcohol abuse Counsellors. Counselling is also done for marriage and for family issues. Though both of them deal with the mental health of individuals, there exists certain differences between them.

Therapist and Job Opportunities

To become a therapist one has to undergo the bachelor’s degree in psychology. Higher study options such as master’s degree courses in psychology are mostly preferred for the job of Therapist. These professionals can work in any of the following job titles.

  • Clinical Therapist
  • Substance Abuse Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Therapist
  • Licensed School Therapist

Well established Therapist can earn well as free lancers or under public or private sector enterprises. Initial level remuneration will be less, but it may increase with experience and popularity in the area.

Counsellor and Job Opportunities

To become a Counselor, the student has to acquire formal education. Those with graduation in child psychology can get in to the post of student Counselor in schools. The aspirant has to specialize in a specific area to become Counselor. Counselling courses are offered through certain counselling centers also. Courses are offered in areas of mental health, addiction, marriage etc. Apart from these skills, the candidate should possess adequate communication and interacting skills. These professionals can find employment in areas of academics, health care, in rehabilitation etc.

Key differences between a Therapist and Counselor

  • Therapy is a broad classification where as Counselling is restricted to certain fields only. Counsellor is one sub division under the whole area of therapy.
  • Therapist may involve with the physical and mental health of the individual where as Counsellor deals only with the mental issues of the individual.

Apart from these differences, both the courses helps individual to obtain rewarding jobs. However, this may depend on the skills and the expertise of the employee.



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