Difference between Audiologist and ENT specialist


Both audiologist and ENT specialist deals with problems related to ear. The main difference is that the former deals with ear only while the area of latter is wide and extends to ear, nose and throat.

Audiologist and opportunities

Audiologist deals with problems relating to hearing disorder. The role as an audiologist is widely accepted and is give a respectable position in the society. Audiologist determines the extent of hearing problem, its nature and treats accordingly. There are numerous job opportunities available for audiologist. They can start their career in clinics and hospitals. They can even start clinics of their own. They sometimes need to take up the role as a counselor too. In today’s noisy environment hearing, problems are in plenty. Some will get hearing disorders by birth some due to diseases and some because of exposure to loud noise etc. Audiologist need to identify the cause of the problem and treat accordingly. Audiologist examines those using medical equipments and provides proper aid to the patients. The area of study of Audiologist includes:

  • Physiology
  • Physics
  • Other similar topics
  • Neuro-muscular system
  • Hearing Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy

ENT specialist and opportunities

ENT specialist also known as Otolaryngologist, mainly deals with problems related to ear, nose and throat. They are trained doctors in medicine and surgery that deals with problems related to head and neck surgery. The candidates need to do their 4-year regular studies and one year surgical training so that they will be awarded an MBBS degree to start their career as ENT specialists. The candidates with higher degree in the respective filed and those with experience as ENT specialist are placed in reputed institutes with a high salary and position. The people are becoming more and more health conscious and this has increased the role and importance of ENT specialists. In short, the role of an ENT specialist is inevitable in the day-to-day life of a person who is health conscious in the present scenario.

Key differences between audiologist and ENT specialist

An audiologist treats the problems related to ear and also possess M.Sc degree in audiology whereas ENT specialist is a medical doctor with MBBS degree and also have undergone one year compulsory training and internship during the course of their studies. The method of treatment followed by an Audiologist and ENT specialist also differ. Many prefer ENT specialist rather than an audiologist for more complicated cases, which they feel that the problem is not confined only to ear.



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