Difference between BBS and BBM course


Although BBS and BBM are management courses concerned with business, both are entirely different streams of study. BBS is a three-year undergraduate program, which is all about business studies. Through the program, aspirants may be able to know how the business world functions. However, BBM program deals with the study of the management tricks and techniques, which prevails in the commercial world.

BBS Course and Career Opportunities

As so many Universities and institutes all over the world offer BBS program, aspirants can pursue the course in their preferred college. The BBS program is actually designed to incarnate ingenious and innovative graduates with logical, reasoning and interpersonal expertise. Aspirants can take specializations in management, accounting, marketing and information systems while pursuing the BBS course. In this graduation program, various business courses are integrated with the realistic and industry-based focus so as to build sound business ideas within the aspirants. On completion of the BBS course, professionals can search out for occupation in Government sector or in private agencies. Professionals can search out for employments in business establishments, corporate organizations, industries, banks and in insurance companies. They can work as Business Advisors, Stock dealers, and so on.

BBM Course and Career Opportunities

BBM is an undergraduate course, which is similar to the postgraduate course in Business Administration. Aspirants can pursue the program on a part time or full time basis. They should study the course in a certified University so as to get good employments. The BBM program allows aspirants to specialize in any academic area of their choice. Some of the specializations in BBM encompass Finance, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems and so on. After completing the course, they can work in the managerial positions of Business Corporations, trading sector, financial concerns and so on. They can also search out for career in marketing organizations or even multi national companies. Professionals, on completion of their BBM course can also start consultancies of their own.

Key differentiators between BBS and BBM course

  • BBS is Bachelor of Business Studies whereas BBM is Bachelor of Business Management.
  • BBS course helps an aspirant to know about the outside business world, like how the fiscal policies affect the business world and so on, whereas BBM course enables an aspirant to know about the managerial functions and responsibilities, and all other interior functions that a manager should know so as to work in the administrative position of a company.

Even though both BBS and BBM are poles apart, professionals from these diverse streams collectively work in the business world so as to make new age developments in the economy.



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