Difference between B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology


Plants acts as one of the major factors, which maintains life on earth. It is the prime source of food on earth. The same has influence on climate and in maintaining ecological balance. Being such an integral thing, it should be preserved well for the present and future. There lies the importance of studies and researches on plants. These studies and researches can help to find solutions for many environmental problems.  Several courses are there to study about the plants in different perspectives. B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology are the two such courses. B.Sc in Plant Science studies about the functioning of plants and its influence on nature. B.Sc in Plant Pathology focuses on the study of microorganisms, which can cause diseases on plants.

B.Sc in Plant Science and its opportunities

Numerous opportunities are there for the candidates who have completed their B.Sc degree in Plant Science. They can pursue their higher studies in any concerned field as there are several specialization programs. Examples of specialization  areas are  Ethnobotany, Forestry, Plant physiology, Plant genetics, etc. Horticulture, Floriculture, Paleobotany, Plant ecology, Plant biotechnology and Phytochemistry acts as other areas of specialization. If these graduates are looking for job opportunities, then they can find wide range of career opportunities in Plant-based industries. They can work as Plant Scientist in various research institutes. Other job profiles available for these graduates are given below.

  • Plant Explorer
  • Forester
  • Ecologist
  • Taxonomist
  • Plant Biologist

B.Sc in Plant Pathology and its opportunities

B.Sc in Plant Pathology graduates can look for so many career opportunities in agrochemical companies, seed companies, fertilizer companies and agricultural consultancies. Experienced candidates can work in various research firms like tissue culture laboratories, diagnostic laboratories etc. They can also find opportunities with agricultural research centers. Plant Geneticist, Plant Breeder, etc are some of the job profiles in which these candidates can work with. Other common job profiles for these candidates are mentioned below.

  • Aquatic Botanist
  • Limnologist
  • Plant pathologist

Key difference between B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology

B.Sc in Plant Science concentrates on the whole functioning of the plants and its impact on nature. However, B.Sc in Plant Pathology focuses only on plant health by studying about the influence of microorganisms on plants. As the two courses focus on different aspects of plant life, career opportunities are also different after each course.



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