Difference between Chartered Financial Analysts(CFA) and Chartered Accountants(CA)


Both Chartered Financial Analysts and Chartered Accountants are professionals working in the commerce sector. Although CFA and CA are branches of commerce, both are different areas of study. It is the duty of the CA to deal with accounting, auditing, taxation and investigation of any business establishment. As these are very important in any business concern, CA’s with high potential having technical knowledge and intellectual ability is an ever time requirement of every organization. However, CFA’s are professionals qualified in management accounting, investment and financial management. These financial analysts are specialists who analyze and make reports on investments, capital and so on in companies.

CFA and its career opportunities

The CFA Program equips aspirants with the practical and fundamental knowledge, which helps in the attainment of a wide variety of career choices in the investment profession. Those who have fruitfully completed the program can search out for occupation in public or private undertakings. They are most wanted in the financial sector like banks, insurance companies, corporate undertakings and so on.

CA and its career opportunities

Those who have completed the CA program can seek for employments in any of the business organizations. There is a requirement of CA’s in every establishment to do the internal auditing and related works. With work experience, they can get promotions to higher grades and even from financial accountant to finance officer, business analyst, to chief financial officer in any company concerned. In a business sense, they can also start a consulting firm on their own and carry out auditing, EPCG license, taxation and accounting works of their clients.

Key differentiators between CFA and CA

Even though these two terms are concerned with commerce, CA and CFA are entirely different. CA more or less deals with accounts and audit but CFA has different domain altogether concerning technical work in finance. The former engage in scrutinizing all the accounting works of an individual or company whereas the latter is concerned with investment policies and procedures in any organization.



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