Difference between Chiropractor and Physiologist


Chiropractors are the physicians who treat different kinds of pain related to joints and nervous system like low back pain, mid back pain and neck pain. They diagnose and treat neurological, skeletal or soft tissue dysfunction using pain prevention techniques and physical therapies. Physiologists are the scientists who studies about the life functions of living beings such as reproduction, respiration, movement and growth. They study from the cellular level to organism level. They perform various research activities on plants and animals to find the reason for the abnormal conditions. They also find solutions for those abnormalities by continuing their research.

Chiropractor and its opportunities

Chiropractors can work in various health care organizations which provide alternative health care. Even though chiropractors do not have the designation of doctors, they can suggest physical therapies for various neurological, skeletal or soft tissue dysfunctions which are not so serious. They can start private practice apart from working in a hospital or clinic. They can also teach in various chiropractic institutions. Those who are interested in the research field can pursue their career in various research institutes.

Physiologist and its opportunities

Physiologists usually work in health care institutions to perform various medical tasks after consulting with doctors, nurse and medical staffs. Apart from this job, they can work as technical assistant in various research institutes. They can also work in various biological, medical and pharmacological research laboratories. They can pursue their career as laboratory technicians in various medical schools or universities. Various opportunities are available for the physiologists in Medical and Pharmaceutical firms.

Key differences between Chiropractor and Physiologist

Chiropractors concentrate on only neuro-musculoskeletal system of the human beings. To become a chiropractor one should complete Bachelor’s degree in Chiropractic followed by a Master’s degree in Chiropractic.

Physiologists focus on the entire functioning of the living organisms. Those who have completed Master’s degree in Physiology after obtaining Bachelor’s degree in Physiology can become a physiologist.

Chiropractors usually treat the patients suffering from low back pain, mid back pain and neck pain. But physiologists concentrate on research jobs rather than giving treatment. Thus chiropractors are doing the job of physicians while physiologists can be considered as scientists.



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