Difference between Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) and Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)


Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is concerned with the selling as well as purchasing of services or products by means of the internet or other computer networks. Mobile Commerce deals with the commerce that is done through mobile devices like mobiles, a Smartphone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Electronic Commerce

There are many courses available in E-commerce in India. The main among them is the correspondence course as well as the certificate of PG Diploma. The qualification required to join this course is a pass in the higher secondary level. The eligibility criteria may some times differ on the basis of the norms of the institutions. Candidates who have a basic knowledge in computer will be preferred at the time of admission. After finishing this course, it is possible for candidates to get employment in areas like advertising, sales, data mining and data management. Other fields where employment for students of e-commerce is available are marketing and customer support.

Mobile Commerce

The basic qualification needed to opt for a career in mobile commerce is a pass in standard 10+2.  Those who would like to pursue a career in Mobile Commerce can find employment with companies who encourage Mobile Commerce. A few examples are Airtel, Reliance and the ICICI. These companies utilize this technology for their customers to make some restricted purchases through their mobile phones. In addition to this, Mobile Commerce is also applied for paying phone bills, book travel tickets or movie tickets with cell phones. Though popular, M-commerce is nevertheless in its development stage in our country as the security of the transactions done is still questioned. Aspirants can work as Content Developers or as Telcos. In addition to this, Financial Institutions and the media companies also take in professionals of M-Commerce.

Key differentiators between E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Both E-Commerce as M-Commerce has great importance in our society. While E-Commerce is done with the aid of Computers, M-Commerce is done with the application of mobile phones.



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