Difference between Geomorphology and Geology


Geology and Geomorphology are terms related to earth. In the term ‘Geomorphology’, geo means earth and morphology means outer surface. Thus, Geomorphology refers to the study of the physical features on the outer surface of the earth. Geology is a wider concept when compared with Geomorphology. Geomorphology is a subdivision under the whole domain of geology. The term geology can be defined as the study of the physical features of the earth including its mineral composition, fuels, atmosphere etc. Though both the subjects sound similar, there exist subtle differences between both of them.

Geology Course and Opportunities

Geology courses are offered through several Colleges and Universities in the country. After completion of plus two studies, one can go for three-year bachelor’s degree in Geology. Higher education programs such as M.A, M. Sc, M .Phil and PhD are also offered in Geology. The higher education allows one to have specialization in specific areas of Geology and to grab career in such areas. These courses allow one to earn a lucrative career in public sector enterprises such as Ground Water Board, Geological Survey department, Mining and Oil Companies etc. They can work in the role of

  • Geologist
  • Meteorologists
  • Oceanic Geologists
  • Geo-Chemists
  • Hydrologists etc

Geomorphology Course and Opportunities

Geomorphology course is offered as a master’s course in Geology. After completing M. Sc in Geomorphology, one can go for research in the area. This helps them to build up a rewarding career in academic field. They can also work in the role of Environmental Scientist, Coordinator, Geomorphologist, etc. These professionals can find openings mainly with geological firms in the country.

Key differences between Geomorphology and Geology

  • Geomorphology is concerned with the morphological properties on the earth surface where as geology is concerned with the physical properties of the same.
  • Geomorphology studies about the highest and the lowest points of earth structures like mountains, plateau, volcano, etc where as no much studies are made under geology.

Geomorphology deals with the study of the outer surface of the earth. The study is related to the physical features of mountains, rocks and other substances found on the surface of the earth. Geology is concerned with the study of the particles and matter that makes up the earth surface.



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