Difference between marine biologist and wildlife biologist


Bachelor of Science in biology or wildlife biology is required for a candidate to search for a job in this field. In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in any of these fields the aspirant have to spent 130 credit hours or about 4 to 5 hours of school at any university. With the help of a bachelor’s degree in any of these relevant subjects, the candidate can get into the shoes of a lab technician. A lab technician is responsible for everything related to the animal care, habitat management as well as data collection. The candidate should possess at least a master’s degree in Science or PhD in biology science or any other related subjects so as to conduct research.

Marine Biology course and career opportunities

Career in marine biology exists in different forms. The career fields in marine biology includes the work in a laboratory, computer analysis, writing research proposals, studies under the ocean and writing scientific papers. The outdoor component of marine biology forms a small part; therefore it is impracticable to expect that a marine biologist spends all most the entire time in scuba diving to collect the samples. The work of a marine biologist is divided into three sectors. It includes a technician, biologist and scientist. A technician is guided by a biologist or a scientist. The job of a biologist is some what broader than that of a technician. A scientist is the leader of all the research activities.

Wildlife Biology course and career opportunities

There are many career opportunities for a wildlife biologist. One of the best ways to kick start the career is by expanding the knowledge about the animals and the habitats in which they spend their lives. For obtaining knowledge in these areas, people study subjects such as biology, ecology or zoology at high school or college. A wild biologist can also think of taking classes at zoo or history museum.

Key differentiators between marine biologist and wildlife biologist

A person with advanced degrees in life sciences is called a marine biologist. He or she studies all kind of life forms in ocean from a scientific point of view and may possess bachelors, masters or PhD in marine biology.

The capacity of a marine biologist varies from person to person. They help in protecting the various life forms in the ocean. A person who studies and manages the wild animals and their habits is known as a wildlife biologist. He or She should be passionate about wildlife.



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