Difference between Maritime Archeology and Zoo Archeology


Maritime Archeology deals with the study of the human interaction with water bodies like oceans, lakes and rivers through the study of allied corporeal remains like water vessels, shoreline facilities, port-related constructions, cargoes, individual remains and waterlogged landscapes. Whereas, Zoo Archeology is concerned with the study of dead remains of animals like their bones, teeth and fragments to know about their existence in the past and their relations with the human life.

Maritime Archeology Courses and Career Opportunities

Maritime Archeology is an enormous field, which has many subdivisions. Nautical Archaeology, which is concerned with the study of pre-historical construction of vessels and boats and Underwater Archeology, which deals with the history of sunken remnants, come under the umbrella term, Maritime archeology. As 71% of our planet is covered with water, the discoveries and excavations of marine wealth is not an easier task and it is a continuous process. In addition to the graduation and post graduation programs in Maritime archeology, there are PhD programs in the relevant fields. Maritime Archeologists mostly work with Harbor and port Management, Economic and Environmental Development agencies, Cruise Ships and Marine Vessels and so on.

Zoo archeology Courses and Career Opportunities

Many global Universities and institutes offer diverse courses in Zoo archeology. Ethnography, Paleopathology, Paleontology are subjects related to Zoo archeology. In order to become Zoo archeologists, aspirants have to pursue the different programs in anthropology with an emphasis in faunal analysis in graduate or advanced levels. Those who are interested in carrying out research and development in the relevant fields should undergo the doctoral programs in Zoo archeology or its specializations. Zoo archeologists mostly work as freelancers, carrying out zoological excavations. They can search out for career in Forestry, Print media, Archeological departments and so on.

Key differentiators between Maritime Archeology and Zoo archeology

Maritime Archeology is all about the study of pre-historic vestiges in water bodies whereas Zoo archeology is concerned with the study of zoological remains, like skull, shells, teeth and so on of animals once lived in the earth.

Maritime Archeology is solely related to water whereas Zoo archeology is related to earth as a whole, including soil and water.

Although Maritime Archeology and Zoo Archeology are segments of archeology, both are absolutely different streams of study and the job profile of the individuals working in both these areas vary to a greater extent.



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