Difference between Marketing and Sales


Marketing and sales seem to be similar but they are entirely different. Marketing is the process of finding the exact need of the customers. Sale on the other hand is the process of making the end product to reach the customer.

Marketing Courses and Career Opportunities

There are various diploma and certificate courses in marketing. In addition to that, there are also graduation and post graduation programmes. The candidates on completion of the courses can apply for career in different sectors. Those who have flair in marketing and have good communication skills can seek for better jobs in marketing. There are also PhD programmes in marketing as to discover new trends and techniques in marketing.

Sales Courses and Career Opportunities

The candidates who are interested in sales can enter the field on completion of the sales courses. Opportunities are arising day by day in sales with the discovery of newer products. Those who wish to earn better income from sales need to have awareness in business and sales techniques. In addition, he is required to have excellent communication skill and good behavioral pattern.

Key differentiators between Marketing and Sales

Marketing involves micro and macro analysis focusing on strategic intentions while sales is concerned with the challenges and relations with the customer. Marketing focuses on meeting the consumer demands. However, sales is concerned with renovating consumer needs to satisfy the products. Marketing involves techniques like planning; advertising; media, and it focus on man, material and money for the sale of a particular product. But sales are carried on to serve the ultimate customer.

Marketers have to describe the features, quality and reliability of a particular product they are handling, to the customer. But sales follow certain criteria like prospecting, presentation, handling and finally sale of the product. With the sale of the product, the marketer’s work is finished. However, sales personnel need to provide guarantee for the sold product. For almost every product, sales personnel offer after sales service for the particular product.



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