Difference between Medical Auditor and Medical Transcriptionist


The role of medical auditor and medical transcriptionist are considered important in the health care and medical field. Medical auditor as the name suggests is mainly into the auditing field and medical transcriptionist needs to transcribe the reports of the medical professionals, review its quality and do medical editing. A medical auditor needs to have accounting skills too.

Medical Auditor and Opportunities

Medical auditor is responsible for auditing, billing and reviewing medical records and data according to the quality and management standards. He should have adequate knowledge about the coding subjects and medical billing. The job as a medical Auditor should follow ethical practices and should maintain confidentiality in work. They should possess good written and oral communication skills and should build good relationship with the customer. Opportunities available for medical auditors are in plenty. They can start their career with health centres, hospitals etc. They are also paid well based on their salary and experience. At the entry level thy can start up their career in clerical post which provides them enough knowledge about medical procedure and policies along with billing codes.

Medical Transcriptionist and Opportunities

A person with good knowledge in anatomy, physiology and medical terminology can take up the career as medical transcriptionist. They play a vital role in the health care industry. They are mainly helpful in translating the records written in the medical field by doctors and other medical professionals. They should possess good knowledge in using computer and needs good typing speed. Experienced medical transcriptionists are paid high and can also start their career as self employed medical transcriptionist. The candidates after their basic degree or diploma can opt for further studies in medical transcription which fetch better job opportunities and salary.

Key difference between Medical Auditor and Medical Transcriptionist

  • A medical auditor is mainly into reviewing the medical data and records whereas a medical transcriptionist translates the written records of medical professionals.
  • A medical auditor needs to maintain confidentiality in their work especially in relation with the record of the patient and medical auditors. A medical transcriptionist transcribes the document and make sure that the note of the medical professional is comprehensible.

Both these roles are crucial in the medical field. Opportunities for both these stream are mainly abroad. They can take up the job in hospitals, government medical facilities, physician’s office etc.



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