Difference between Medical Electronics Engineering and Bio medical engineering


Medical Electronics Engineering is the integration of environmental science and medicine with engineering theories and practices. Medical Electronics Engineers design and develop instruments and devices, whish are used to solve medical and physical fitness-related problems. On the other hand, Bio medical engineering is concerned with the problem solving works of engineering, medical and biological sciences to make further developments in healthcare analysis, monitoring and treatment.

Medical Electronics Engineering courses and career opportunities

Medical Electronics Engineering Technology is a broader field of study that appeals to aspirants desiring to be technological, and, at the same time, dedicate their careers to saving lives by helping physicians and nurses in their treatment process and patients as well who are suffering from various kinds of ailments. Aspirants can study postgraduate and research programs in Medical Electronics Engineering. Many Universities all over the globe offer the course. On completion of the course, aspirants can look out for career in Government agencies and also in private sector. Most of Medical Electronics Engineers work in health cares, research laboratories, and medical institutes and so on.

Bio medical engineering courses and career opportunities

Bio medical engineering is a developing field of study that has many branches. Candidates can pursue graduate and postgraduate courses in the concerned subjects. As there are PhD programs in the relevant fields, aspirants can also carry out research and development in Bio medical engineering. Majority of the Bio medical engineers are employed in hospitals, research laboratories, industrial sector, medical institutes and so on. Their area of employment may vary according to the specialization they have taken in Bio medical engineering. Entering into occupation, these professionals can expect remunerations around Rs.1.8 lakhs per annum.

Key differentiators between Medical Electronics Engineering and Bio medical engineering

  • Medical Electronics is a postgraduate level of study whereas aspirants can pursue Bio medical engineering courses from graduation level.
  • Medical Electronics Engineers are concerned with developing instruments, which can be used in medical treatment processes whereas Bio medical Engineers concentrate in developing devices like as prosthetic limbs, artificial organs or organ enhancers such as pacemakers.

Although Medical Electronics engineering and Bio medical engineering sounds similar, both are entirely different streams of study and the job profile of these engineers vary to a greater extent.



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    Ved prakash:

    Sir, i m doing diploma in medical electronics , i want to know in which field i getting job(only govt. Job)?

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    I have 141 cut off I want any one medical course [bio medical] in govt collage so which collage is take me?

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    IN Medical Electronics Engineering and Bio medical engineering which is having more scop

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    can i do m-tech in biomedical enginnering after doing btech in electronics and communication ??is der any entrance examination to be attended for the admission?

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    im currently pursuing BE in medical electronics…want to do M tech…wat r d courses i can take ?

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    I am pursuing BE in EC, can i pursue ME in a field involving both bio & electronics ?which ones particularly and whats their scope?