Difference between Pharmacist and Pharmacologist


Even though Pharmacist and Pharmacologist seem similar, both are entirely different designations. Pharmacists are medicine experts who are familiar with different types of drugs and are concerned with dispensing drugs. However, Pharmacologists are professionals who deal with developing, identifying and testing drugs so as to cure diseases. They also conduct research activities on the after effects of medications on human body and in other living systems.

Pharmacist courses and career opportunities

To become a Pharmacist, aspirants have to study the graduation program in Pharmacy. There are also Diploma and Masters’ courses in Pharmacy. Diploma holders in Pharmacy can expect entry-level jobs in the sector. Most of them pursue post graduation in Pharmacy so as to get good employments. Aspirants should study the pharmacy courses from a certified institute so as to become a licensed Pharmacist. Professionals who are interested in research and development have to pursue the PhD programs in Pharmacy. Those who have studied the MS course in Pharmacy can expect top most designations in Pharmaceutical companies or otherwise. Those who have completed various Pharmacy courses can seek out for career in health care, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, Universities and so on.

Pharmacologist courses and career opportunities

Aspirants who have completed the PhD program in Pharmacology can turn out to be Pharmacologists. Different Universities and institutes offer the diverse courses in Pharmacology. In addition to the graduate and postgraduate Pharmacology programs, there are diploma courses in the relevant fields. Most of the Pharmacologists, in their daily affairs may get engaged in research and development activities. As there are so many subdivisions in Pharmacology, aspirants can study their preferred course in the relevant fields. Some of the specializations in Pharmacology include Clinical Pharmacology, Regulatory Pharmacology and Neuro Pharmacology. On completion of their course, these professionals can seek out for occupations in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, medical institutes, Universities and in drug manufacturing companies.

Key differentiators between Pharmacist and Pharmacologist

  • Aspirants who have studied the pharmacy courses can become Pharmacist whereas to turn out to be a Pharmacologist, aspirants are required to pursue the Pharmacology programs.
  • Pharmacists deals with prescribing medicines to patients having any sort of ailments whereas Pharmacologists are concerned with preparing drugs for new diseases.

Even if Pharmacist and Pharmacologist deals with medicines in their day-to-day affairs, their area of study, job profile and work atmosphere are entirely different.



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    Which one have better scope in India? B.SC. biotech or pharm D

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    Which one have better scope in India?. B.S. biotech or pharm D

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    Rabindra roy:

    Dear Sir, I am doint now diploma in pharmacist from Kalinga Institute Bhubaneswar, my age is 33+ I am a Medical Representative. My question is after completed I would like to do B.Pharma, M.Pharma. what percentages are required to do Phd or which exam will be qualified to do phd, if u inform me procedure I will be greatful to you.