Difference between Physiologist and Psychologist


Psychology is the science of the human behavior and mind. An individual who practices psychology is known as a Psychologist. Their primary aim is to identify the part of mental functions in the social and individual behavior of man. This also includes the neuro-biological and physiological functions. Physiology is a discipline of Biology which is concerned with the mechanical, biochemical and physical working of human beings. Those who practice physiology are called as physiologists. This science focuses mainly on the function of the organs of the body in addition to its structure.  Both these are fields have considered to have immense importance in today’s world.

Physiologist course and career opportunities

Students who desire to join the course in physiology should appear for an entrance examination that is carried out by the respective universities. The students are chosen on the basis of their marks scored in this exam. A pass in class 10+2 with at least 55% marks is the basic qualification required for the students to write this examination. There are many jobs available for students of physiology. They can work in hospitals as well as counseling centres across the country. For those candidates who are interested in teaching, posts as lecturers are available.

Psychologist course and career opportunities

Students who wish to join the course in psychology must have completed their 10+2 class from an acknowledged university or college. They are chosen for this course on the basis of their marks secured in the final exams. Those students who have finished their course can find employment in counseling centres or in rehabilitation centers. Job opportunities are also available for psychologists in the sports sector.

Key differentiators

Physiologists deal with the problems that are related to the physical and mechanical functioning of the human body. Psychologists are concerned with giving treatment to the illness that occurs to the mind. Whilst the former is typically an applied treatment of diseases that happen inside the human body, the latter is used to analyze and provide treatment to psychological health problems



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