Difference between Production Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Although production engineering and mechanical engineering come under engineering, both are entirely different. Production engineering is the study of manufacturing technology with management science whereas mechanical engineering is concerned with mechanical systems, thermodynamics, kinematics and energy and related fields.

Production engineers may be aware of the management challenges interrelated to production. These professionals strive to make production possible through the smoothest, most-judicious and most-economical techniques. However, mechanical engineers’ work profile includes providing resourceful solutions to the development of processes and products. It ranges from miniature components to extremely large plant, machines or vehicles.

Production Engineering courses and career opportunities

To become a production engineer, a graduation in the respective fields is enough. However, to reach senior most positions of companies directly, they should have completed the masters’ program in production engineering. Those who wish to work as research analysts can pursue the PhD programs. Diploma holders in production engineering can get designated in the entry-level jobs. Aspirants who complete various courses in production engineering can seek out for occupation in public or private undertakings. They can search for employments in manufacturing sector, industries, and so on.

Mechanical Engineering courses and career opportunities

There are various courses in Mechanical Engineering that an aspirant from science stream can pursue. This includes diploma, graduation and masters’ course in the respective areas. Those who are keenly interested in research can carry out the research programs in their favorite Mechanical Engineering topics. Mechanical engineers have wide scope all over India and abroad. These professionals help the society by inventing new machines and spare parts, which may help in the ultimate development of the country. Mechanical engineers can seek out for employments in automobile, machines and mobile manufacturing companies. Research scientists, who conduct research so as to invent new equipments, are one among the highly remunerated professionals within the country.

Key differentiators between production engineering and mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers focus more on product development works to design and manufacture new products for customers whereas Production engineers focuses more on making manufacture more resourceful. Product engineers work on the products and process designed by mechanical engineers.



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