Difference between Psychologist and Counselor


Most of them assume that Psychologist and Counselor are one and the same, but these professionals work in diverse streams and their job profile also differs to a large extent. Psychologists are professionals who diagnose the psychological ailments of an individual through psychoanalysis and provide treatments, which in turn help the mentally disturbed patients to overcome such situations and thereby lead a healthy and productive life. However, Counselors are experts who find out the problems of an individual or a family and provide solutions to unravel it.

Psychology courses and career opportunities

Aspirants who have studied the various courses in Psychology can turn out to be Psychologists. A graduation in the related fields is a requirement for the entry-level jobs in the sector. Postgraduates with good technical knowledge and potential can expect good jobs in the sector. Most of them pursue the PhD programs in Psychology so as to carry out research and development activities. After completing the various courses in the concerned fields, professionals can search for occupation in public sector or in private undertakings. As there are so many subdivisions in Psychology, the career opportunities of a Psychologist may also vary according to their area of study.

Counseling courses and career opportunities

There are so many courses in counseling that an aspirant can pursue. Various Universities and institutes all through the globe offer many counseling courses. In addition to the graduate and postgraduate programs in counseling, there are research programs in the respective fields. Some of them include addiction, mental health and marriage counseling courses. Graduates in any fields can work as counselors, if they have good communication skills and problem resolving ideas. They can search out for employments in educational institutes, health centers, rehabilitation centers and so on.

Key differentiators between Psychologist and Counselor

  • Psychologists are concerned with solving the psychological problems of an individual whereas Counselors deals with providing solutions to problems of an individual or families’.
  • The former deals with the inner aspects of a human body, like mind whereas the latter deals with the outer aspects concerning an individual.

Psychologists basically convince the mental status of an individual by filling his mind with inspiring thoughts and a better future whereas counselors provide elucidations to solve a current problem that one or many are facing.



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