Difference between Reporter and Journalist


The person who presents news, opinions and views about an event or an accident so as to broadcast it through the television is known as a reporter. The main anchor introduces the panel that participates in a current affairs program as journalists or reporters. This discussion panel focuses on any of the social issues or an accident that has occurred in the current scenario. Most often people use the terms journalist and reporters interchangeably.

The field that includes an editor, photographers, a reporter, graphic artists, anchor is referred to as Journalism. There was no difference between a journalist and a reporter during the early days as most of the functions that has to be carried out by a reporter was done by the journalist. Today, because of the electronic media, the people can differentiate between those who collect and write the information and the reporters those who present it before the media.

Reporting and career opportunities

A person who researches and presents the collected information in different types of mass media is known as a reporter. The reporters gather information in a variety of ways including witnessing events, press releases and sources.  They do the research through public records, and interviews. The production part of this job is writing where as the information gathering part is called reporting. Reporters have to take up the jobs such as working in the newsroom as well as interviewing people. The reporters those who are working with a major media is assigned an area that has to be given special attention, called a beat or patch.

Reporters those who work for a news media usually hold a degree that has been awarded by a university or college. The candidates pursue their degree in journalism so as to take up the job of a reporter. The reporters and editors are recruited mainly on the basis of their previous experience.

Journalism course and career opportunities

The broadcasting of the gathered news through the print or electronic media is known as journalism. Journalism involves the works like editing, reporting, writing etc. It is a prestigious profession with high remuneration. A journalist plays a leading role by educating and enlightening the people. Journalists have wide opportunities in the fields such as finance, culture, politics, newspapers as well as periodicals.

Key differentiators between Reporter and Journalist

  • Reporting is a small part where as Journalism is a broader area.
  • A reporter cannot always be a Journalist where as a Journalist can be a Reporter.
  • A journalist collects information, analyzes and writes whereas a reporter presents all these collected information in front of the electronic media.

These are some of the key difference between the reporter and journalist.



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