Difference between Resume and CV


Resume can be defined as a short but a precise summary of the individual’s qualifications. This is because the person that will go through it will spend a minute or two in going through the individual’s career wise qualifications. Thus the length of the resume has to be short but should provide the different qualifications in bolder form. Thus resume spans from a length of one or two page. The primary focus of a resume is to enrapture the mind of the reader with the basic educational qualifications as well as job experience.

The basic lay out of the resume lies with the division of the entire write into different but small compartments. The resume totally holds an effective light on the individual’s skills as well as accomplishment. The resume also covers the objective account of the individual’s history. Thus, in order to follow the format, the resume has to be less formal in approach and loss its creative presentation.

Curriculum Vitae, popularly abbreviated as CV, is a detailed synopsis of the individual’s educational based qualifications, along with job experience as well as detailed account of the objective of each job held by the individuals in the past. Thus there CV retains the format of creative presentation and offers lots of scope for formal link.

The CV is usually presented in a format known as reserve chronological order, that is, the individual have to highlight their present job circle in the beginning as this allows, the reader to go through the individuals present job experience on the first hand. The CV favors a two page length as this allows the reader to offer the least time and exposes them in the maximum content to the different but detailed form of the individuals’ job experience as well as educational qualifications.



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    What is the difference between resume and CV

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