Difference between TEFL and TESOL


Teaching English as a foreign language or TEFEL and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL may sound same. A well educated person who knows about these courses may also get confused with these courses.

TEFL and Opportunities

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) as the name suggests is to teach students English which is a foreign language. The job is really interesting and the job satisfaction is also high. The opportunities are in plenty as tutors. The qualification need for TEFL tutors varies according to the country in which the candidate is willing to take up the job. Some institutes do not demand for any degree or certificate in order to take up the job as TEFL teacher. Those with proficiency and higher diploma or degree are given preference. Those with experience in the related field are in demand as tutors in reputed institutes. Some institutes hire only tutors who are in the age group of 20 to 40 years. One can also do online certificate course in TEFEL.

TESOL and Opportunities

TESOL includes TESL and TEFL.TESOL program makes the candidates well versed in skills and knowledge need to be successful as trainers in international ESL/EFL. The candidates planning to become trainers in TESOL need to have deep knowledge in English. They should need potential to grasp things suddenly. They should be good in grammar part too. In order to be successful in the related field one needs to have real interest in teaching area. The job opportunities available are in plenty abroad. The salary packages are also interesting. There are numerous institutes providing diploma and certificate courses in TESOL. Those who are fluent in English can go for TESOL course and can easily find employment in India or in abroad.

Key difference between TEFL and TESOL

  • The main difference between TEFL and TESOL is that TEFEL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language whereas TESOL includes TESL and TEFL.

The candidates who are placed as TEFL and TESOL in abroad will get better pay packages as compared to that of India. Since both these courses are related, to draw distinction between these two is really difficult.



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