Disaster Manager - How to become a Disaster Manager?


Disaster management is also known as Emergency Management. This subject mostly deals with different kind of disasters and its preventions. A disaster manager helps to reduce the effects of various catastrophes affecting normal human life. This subject is a multi disciplinary area and covers different concerns like monitoring, assessment, investigate and rescue, providing aid, rebuilding and rehabilitation operations. This profession involves lots of responsibilities and planning actions before and after the tragedy. A Disaster Manager must be capable of combining different mechanisms like prompt warning, vigilant, quick response and proficient coordination. There is no stopping of natural calamities, but it is possible to reduce the aftermath of such disasters with the help of an efficient disaster manager.

Qualifying Exam

There are many professions to which a candidate can join after a disaster management course like, career in emergency force, law, local establishment, relief group and non-governmental institute and also international bureau like UNO. Each of these organizations has their own recruitment process through which qualified candidates are taken in.

There are many short term and long term courses offered for Disaster management for service workers like civil servants, engineers, police and defense workforce, paramilitary persons and fire fighters. For most of these personnel’s, they have to undergo training and workshop on Disaster management during their training period.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria as to enter into a disaster management job are to have passed in disaster management certificate course, UG or PG degree and diploma levels. The main aim of these courses is to boost up the knowledge, competence and skills, and point of view on disasters. Disaster managers have to respond to emergency situations, act in response to the requirements of the people of the affected areas, evacuation of people, allotment of food and medical aid for the injured etc.

To join disaster management certificate course and UG courses an applicant must pass +2. As to do masters program like MBA, the applicants must have basic graduation. Candidates from engineering and medical field can also undergo these programs. Every candidate must have more than 50 % of marks from a recognized university.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

There are many government and private companies which recruit candidates who have undergone Disaster management courses. As to get selected into these jobs, personnel should have an aptitude and must be well equipped and capable to deal with emergency condition and understand the needs of people in areas affected. A candidate must also have the ability to make decisions, sensitive, planning abilities, leadership skills, stay calm under pressure, stress taker etc. These are the basic personnel qualities which are being tested during the exam and interview.



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