DOEACC - C Level Logic and Functional Programming Papers


The DOEACC is one of the finest universities which is exponentially growing and the number of courses which can be done through it have set a marked example among the other universities. The C level which is said to be equivalent to the MCA level comes up with many compulsory and some optional subjects. There are 8 optional subjects out of which four are to be chosen and Logic and Functional Programming is one of them.

Pattern of the paper:

The test is of 100 marks for which 3 hours have been allotted. The test has seven questions in which the first is compulsory and from the rest six only four are to be solved. The first question is of 28 marks where as the rest of the questions are of 18 marks each.

About the Paper

The students are not given any objective type questions and thus it is very difficult for the students to just write subjective type of questions and moreover it becomes more difficult to complete the paper on time. Moreover there are no internal options in the paper and the first question which is of 28 marks even that is compulsory. So the paper becomes very difficult for the students which are not the case with other level program students.

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