Electrician – How to become an Electrician?


The demand for electrical appliances is getting higher with the impact of technological revolution. These appliances are omnipresent in every organizations and buildings for various purposes. Any damage in these appliances can affect the entire functioning of an organization. Here comes the importance of electricians as they are responsible for repairing the damaged appliances. It is their duty to install wiring systems to the factories, offices or homes. They use the technical diagrams which show the location of the circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards, and other equipment for installing the wiring system. These diagrams will help them to connect the wires to circuit breakers, transformers, outlet or other systems. Electricians can give advice on the hazardous effects of certain electrical equipments.

Qualifying Exam

After acquiring much knowledge of electronic circuits, one can become an electrician. Even so, one can pursue electrician course offered at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) to get a long term career opportunity in private or government organizations. They can also pursue diploma course in the related trade offered at various institutes. An electrician need much experience in the related field besides the educational qualification to excel in their career.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who have passed tenth standard can pursue the electrician course at the industrial training institute. They should have obtained minimum of sixty percent marks during the final examination of the tenth standard. Those who want to pursue diploma course should also have to pass the tenth standard. Candidates should qualify an entrance test to get admission to the concerned certificate or diploma course. After completing any of these courses, one can apply for the vacancies available in different private sector or public sector organizations. Demand for the electricians will increase with the experience in the concerned field.

Key Elements in the process

  • Pass tenth standard
  • Complete any certification or diploma course in the respective trade
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for an electrician

Electricians should have better eye hand coordination to perform various tasks efficiently. They should need good color vision to recognize the concerned electrical wire by its color. They should have the ability to interpret the technical diagrams which the structure of the electrical circuit.



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