Evolving ventures in Geo-Physics course


Geo- Physics is a branch of science which deals with properties of earth. The properties include the earth’s shape, gravitational fields, magnetic fields, earth’s internal structure and everything about earth coming under physics. The application of Geophysics theories helps you to determine earth quakes and the phenomenon related to earth. The geophysical surveys are also used in finding petroleum reservoirs and mineral deposits. Gravity, heat flow, radioactivity, electromagneticwaves, magnetism, fluid dynamics, mineral flows, vibrations all comes under geophysics. That is the study of all the above mentioned subjects includes geophysics.

Gravity is actually a natural phenomenon. Here physical bodies attract each other with the mass proportional to the force exerted by each other. Heat flow is the flow of heat from the earth’s interior areas. This may be due to many chemical phenomenons’ happening inside the earth’s crust. Radio activity is the decay of radioactive metals which are highly unstable. This happens due to the spontaneous emission of particles from the radioactive active metal. Electromagnetic waves are magnetic waves which are produced due to seismic activities like earth quake and due to lightning. Magnetism is the property where two bodies are attracted to each other. The magnetic field of earth protects us from many harmful objects from outer space.

Job opportunity in geophysics

A large number of geophysicist and seismologist work in oil and gas industry. The opportunities in this oil and gas industries are very less. Only those graduates in this course with high potential can acquire jobs in this field. Usually the companies hire candidates with a post graduate degree in geophysics course but the employers also hire very talented geo physics graduates and help them in getting a post graduate degree while working. Many environmental companies employ the graduates and post graduates in geophysics.

Courses in geophysics

Many colleges have started Msc and Bsc courses in this field. Some of the courses are:

Graduation and post graduation course in Meteorology and Oceanography. Physics of the Earth’s interior, Numerical Analysis, Communication Theory, Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods of Prospecting, Signal Processing, Computer Programming, Well – Logging, Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Methods of Prospecting, Mining Geophysics, and Petroleum Exploration.

Some of the colleges are offering courses in

  • Seismology and Earth’s Interior
  • Marine Geophysics
  • Geomagnetism
  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Geophysics
  • Geoelectricity
  • Remote Sensing
  • Advanced Hydrology etc

There also M.Tech courses in the above mentioned subjects. Candidates opting for M.Tech need to have B.Tech in any of the subjects mentioned above.

Students with a right attitude and willingness to research in these fields can establish a good career in this field.



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    Abhinov saikia:

    Is there possiblities of job recquirment of M.Sc(tech) geophysics at ONGC and OIL in the year 2017-2019

  2. 1
    Anirban Das:

    can you please pass me a list of colleges in maharashtra offering 5year integrated course in geology(msc) after 12th standard?