Fee structure of B.Sc in Geophysics


Geophysics is one of the very rare and uncommon subject to study. The things that this subject deals with carry great importance for mankind. Practically, the world and its existence would have been impossible without the study of geophysics. Thus, one can easily understand how important the subject is. B.sc in Geophysics basically deals with the study of the various physical changes and reactions carried in the geology or geography of our planet. Basically it is a mixture of two interesting subjects, geography and Physics. Thus, B.Sc in Geophysics contains things related to geography as well as things related to physics and they are studied together with their relevance to each other.

B.sc in Geophysics is basically a research based subject. Thus, it study is very beneficial if research is the line you dream of. That is the reason that so many students from all over the world take up this course. The demand for this degree holder is not only restricted to India but is spread all over the world. Thus, there are so many colleges in India offering this B.sc in Geophysics degree course. Both private as well as government institutes take special interests in imparting this course.

The fee structure of B.Sc in Geophysics is slightly higher than other general B.Sc course. The fees lie in between 15000-20000 to whooping 30000 per year. Generally some renowned institutions charges around 20000 per year for this course. Institutes like ISM, Andhra Pradesh University etc charges 21000 per semester. The fees of the government institutes are less than that of private colleges.

The government colleges also allow some fee relaxation to the poor, lower cast and backward class students. They can avail the relaxation by producing their certificate. Government also offers scholarship to the needy and meritorious students by means of scholarship examination held on a national basis.



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    Is this really true that geophysics is the study of Geography and Physics? How about Geology

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    I thought geophysics is the study relating to geology and physics. But it has written geophysics is the study of two mixture subject that is geography and physics. Is this really true??

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    I want to prepare iit jam geophysics ownly. how to prepare.and wich books to refer.

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    I want to prepare iit jam geophysics ownly. how to prepare.and wich books to refer.

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    shreya srivastava:

    dear sir,
    i am interested in doing bsc in geophysics in india. this year i am in class 12sci. kindly send names of some leading colleges .

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    Dear sir, My son is interested in doing degee in Geophysics in India.He is Writing Plus 2 coming March 2011.Kindly send leading colleges and date of admission