Fee Structure of B.Sc. in Media Sciences


Media Sciences is another hot career presently, and students who want to take their career in the field of Journalism, and mass media can opt for this course. Various institutes are located in the country which offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Sciences, which is a three years course in all. The fee generally varies from university to university, and with institutes, but they are more or less affordable, and not too expensive. Further, with campus placements at hand, they offer a complete professional structure and environment.

Some of the best institutes that offer B.Sc. in Media sciences are Pailan College of Management and Technology, which has a fee of Rs. 40,000 per semester, and additional admission and library fee one time, and per annum respectively, which brings the fee to a total of around 2.6 lakhs for the entire course. The Jyotirmoy School of Management and Sciences charges a fee of Rs. 35,000.00 / Semester along with a Hostel Fees of Rs. 25,000.00 / Annum and a one time Caution Deposit of Rs. 10,000.00 / Annum. The NSHM Knowledge Campus charges Rs. 57,240 per semester in the first year, Rs. 50,085 per semester in the second year, and Rs. 35,775 per semester in the third year, with an additional registration fee of Rs. 30,000 which is to be paid one time during the time of admission and is non-refundable. The George Group of Colleges has an Admission Fee of Rs. 8,000 which is to be paid one time during the time of admission, a per semester Tuition Fees of Rs. 21,000 along with an additional per semester Development Fees of Rs. 4,000. A Caution Deposit (one-time) of Rs. 8,000 is to be paid at the time of admission.

Jamia Millia Islamia - AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre in Delhi charges a total fee of a total fee of Rs. 41,000  per annum which includes caution deposit as well as library and admission fees. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, charges a total fee of 1,20,000 for the entire course, and which is to be paid in instalments as 40% during the time of admission, 20% in the next semester, 20% in the next year, and 40% in the final year.



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