Fireman – How to become a Fireman?


Firemen are the broadly trained professionals who put down the hazardous fires that are harmful for the mankind and property. They rescue the people from the car accidents, collapsed and fiery buildings and other related situations. The jobs of firemen are very challenging and it is one of the most demanded and respected job in the society. Firemen are also called the Firefighters. In some situations these professionals also provide emergency health services. Being a fireman, one needs to be aware about the services to his/her community and also show commitment towards themselves and their fellow firemen. Unlike any other jobs, this profession involves a lot of teamwork and comradeship.

Qualifying Exam

The physical and mental fitness is the most important qualifications needed for one to become a fireman. In most of the countries the qualifications required are the same to get into this profession. The physical standards are the vital for winning the fire. The initial step is to pursue their high school graduation from any reputed institution. After completing the graduation they must pursue training in the fire rescue and related area. Many institutes in the country offer these trainings programmes. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age in order to get training in this field. To join for the firefighting training one must fulfill all the physical standards, just like the requirements for joining the army or navy.

Who is eligible to apply?

The students must successfully finish their HS or equivalent education from a reputed school initially, to apply for the related degree course in any university. On completion of their graduation, these students can apply for the firefighting or fire rescue training in any institutes offering it. They must be also aware about the physical requirements needed to become a fireman.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue the higher secondary education in any stream from a reputed school and pass the related examinations.
  • Join a recognized university which offers the degree programme in related field.
  • Obtain training in firefighting or fire rescue and related areas from a reputed institution offering it. Improve the physical and mental standards that are required for a fireman.
  • Search out for the jobs as fireman and apply for it.

Skills required for a Fireman

The jobs of a fireman are very risky, challenging, rewarding and also very adventurous. Fireman needs several qualities and responsibilities to carry out their jobs. They require a great level of commitment and professionalism. Apart from the educational and other qualities, they must possess high level of audacity and energy to risk their lives for the sake of other people. They must be able to learn through the lengthy hours and go through the rigorous training periods.



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