Genealogist – How to become a Genealogist?


Genealogists are the professionals who research on family history and maintain the records related to that research. A client who is in need of particular information about the family can approach a genealogist to investigate on that matter. Genealogists will first of all set up a plan to carry on their investigation. They will collect information about the family or person from the reliable sources and make reports based on those findings. They will then hand over that reports to the concerned clients. Genealogists are usually employed in various government agencies or genealogy consulting firms.

Qualifying Exam

To enter into the profession of Genealogist, one should first of all complete their senior secondary education in Arts stream. After that they should pursue an undergraduate degree in History. Also, the candidates are required to complete their post graduation in History. These courses will enable the candidates to acquire enough research skills required for this profession. It is better to study any foreign language before applying for this job. This kind of education is not that necessary for the candidates who are interested in this job. Even so, it will help to get an edge over other educational qualifications.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who posses all the above mentioned educational qualifications are eligible to apply for the job of Genealogist. Even so, these qualifications alone are not enough to pursue a long term career as Genealogists. They should have adequate knowledge in various research techniques and reporting methods. For that, they should acquire experience in this field. This profession needs much hands-on experience than theoretical knowledge. They can first apply for the position of trainee and then get into senior level positions available in the concerned organization.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete the higher secondary course in Arts stream
  • Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in History
  • Obtain a Master’s degree in History
  • Apply for the job of Genealogist

Skills required for a Genealogist

Creative and Analytical skills are essential for a Genealogist to pursue their research activities. They should be having good communication skills so as to handle their clients. Those who are interested in starting their own consulting firms should also have good entrepreneur skills.


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